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How To Remove Dandruff, Dandruff Treatment, Personal Experience & Best Solution

Today every second person in the world may be effected by dandruff. I will now tell you the How To Remove Dandruff, Dandruff Treatment which is my Personal Experience & Best Solution for you as well. I will also cover all the important topics related to dandruff and hair fall and at last i will give you ONE OF THE BEST SOLUTION FOR DANDRUFF.

What Causes Dandruff

Before we know the Dandruff Treatment first look at what causes dandruff. Because it is important part to know the root problem of occurring of dandruff. If you search on google you will come to know many thing which are giving birth to dandruff. On some of the points they are try but some of them are not. As i was also having dandruff and i am writing this article on my personal experience and according to me Dandruff can be occur due to :
1) Soap you use on your scalp,
2) Oil you use and,
3) Hormonal Imbalance.

If you search for the soap you are using is anti-dandruff or not, You will not get any answer. Because no company will give information about that as they want to increase their sales not to decrease it. Secondly if you search about Oil which is anti-dandruff or not, There will also be no accurate answer available.

But here i give you the answer, That is : There is no Soap / Shampoo / Oil which is anti dandruff. All company are decreasing there sales and that’s all. They just cheat you and earn bulk money by doing high level of advertisements. If we talk about INDIA, There is only one company ( PATANJALI ) on which we can trust. But some times it is not effective on some of the problems like Dandruff. So i just request you to now expense your money on Advertisement Products which are promising you to remove dandruff.

How To Remove Dandruff Quickly

There are two ways to Remove Dandruff Quickly :
1) By Natural Method (long process)
2 By taking applying Medicine (fast process)

Natural Method : Best treatment for to remove Dandruff quickly is Neem Leaves Warm Water OR Aloevera Gel. If we continue apply neem leaves warm water for months you dandruff will go. Likewise aloevera gel also work. But as is said earlier all this process are long. Which take time to show you the effect.

I personally used this method to remove my Dandruff that is Medicine Method. The Best and Quick treatment to remove Dandruff is applying medicine on you scalp. Down side i will show you which medicine you have to apply on your scalp, Which will remove dandruff in just 3 to 5 days on continue use. As i personally used it, I did not got any side effect from it and also my dandruff has been gone away.

See, There are combination of 3 things that is Shampoo, Lotion and Medicine for to Cure Dandruff Permanently.

Firstly, you have to use that Shampoo just before 30 minutes if taking bath. You have to just apply the shampoo smoothly on you scalp.

Secondly, After taking bath, You have to take 12 drops of Lotion and have to add about 10 drops of water into it. As soon as you add water to the lotion it will give White Color and will fell some warm. Now just apply on you scalp and dandruff affected areas and leave it for all day. Note : When you use this treatment do not use soap / oil on you scalp because they can be the one in giving birth to dandruff.

Thirdly, Medicine. You have to take one capsule in a day after eating food. Which will help to heal dandruff from inside of you body.


Home Remedies For Hair fall

One of the most big problem of hair fall is due to dandruff. And when you cure dandruff you hair fall will also stop. Above i have shown you treatment of dandruff which will also help you to stop hair fall.

Thanks for reading the article which is all on my personal experience based.  I have used natural method but it does not work for me. Then i used medicine method which work for me to remove Dandruff. Hope i will help you too to remove you dandruff.

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