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How to WordPress Seo | Tutorial | Tips | Plugin | Rank Website on Google

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Hello and Welcome, Here today we will know about how to wordpress SEO and also I will give some tips to rank website on Google for free, so let’s get started.

The best plugin for wordpress SEO is popular known as YOAST Plugin which can be installed from WordPress Plugin Dashboard. After activating Yoast SEO Plugin should follow the steps coming in front and then have to come to you WP Post Dashboard. You should keep the following things in mind carefully by which you will rank your website on Google :-

  • Title of your post or page should be firt reasearche on google. (the keyword which people are searching more in a time of month, Adword Keyword Planner is best for Keyword Reasearch. Search for Low or Medium Competition keyword so that you can get ranking on google in some of the time.
Keyword Planner Dashboard
  • Secondly, WordPress URL should be small it’s not important that title and your URL should be same. Keep URL like, by reading viwer should know what he will get to know when he read your post.
  • In Paragraph you should have keyword which is mentioned in title as well as URL.
  • The image which you will be uploading should have a name which is related to you post and you should also give an “alt text” to you image which will represent you image what is it about.

How to WordPress Seo

After completing the above thing, Just Scroll down and come to “Yoast SEO Premium” (best seo plugin) box. Here you will find SEO title, Slug, Meta description, Focus Keyword & Meta keyword.

Yoas SEO navigation under post
  • The title should be same in SEO Box because you have given it already by reaseaching and analysing with Google Keyword Planner.
  • Slug should be same as given before. Do not make change in it.
  • Meta description should be similar that the keword whould be in Title, Slug (URL) and aslo in meta keywords. You can also add some of the main line from paragrah into Meta Description.
  • Focus Keyword should be releated to your allover post. Means if you are writing post regarding “Wordrpress SEO Tips” then focus keyword whould be one of the ie : “wordpress” “seo tips” “wordpress seo”.
  • Meta Keyword also contain the keyword which is already mentioned in Title, Slug, Meta Description and if possible in Focus Keyword (not imporatnt in focus keyword).

The thing above i shared with you is an On Page Seo tips which will help you to get organic traffic for you website from google, the world bigget search engine. Also know 3 Essential SEO techniques

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