Whatsapp New Features

In the world more than 1.5 Crore people are using WhatsApp in today’s world and for to use this app you should upgrade every time when the new version is updated. So here we will discuss New Features of WhatsApp.

Message Forwarding Feature

  • One of the most important feature which has been updated by WhatsApp in year 2018 is “Message Forward” feature, That means now you can send a message only 5 people/group at a time. On the other had if you want to remove the forward message title from the message so you have to just take the snapshot of the message and then search it in the gallery. You can either share the photo or you can rewrite it and then share it. Forward Message title will not come than.

Voice & Video Call Feature

  • Now you can also add up to 3 participants in your video or voice calling. Yes that’s true. What you have to is just start the video or voice calling and see the option to “add a call” and then tap to it and then add a person which want to connect in your video calling or voice calling.

Group Admin Permission

  • This is also an best of best feature which is enabled by the WhatsApp. Before, group admin was not having permission to give permission to other members for posting message or not. But now it can be done. If there is no permission of admin, other member can not change the Group Name, Logo or description

For to upgrade whats app just go to Google Play Store and on the left side tap on three lines / dots. Now tap on INSTALLED and scroll down to WhatsApp and then tap on Update. That’s All.

How to off auto download in whatsapp

For to stop Auto Downloading Videos, Photos, Audios and Documents in whats app you have to just open the app and then click Three Dots on the top right side. Now click on setting and on 4th number you will see DATA AND STORAGE USAGE tap on it and the you will see MEDIA AUTO DOWNLOAD under that you will see 3 option : WHEN USING MOBILE DATA, WHEN USING CONNECTED ON WiFi and WHEN ROAMING. Click the option with which you use the whats app and then un-check all the options. And the there will be not auto downloading.


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